It’s a place to “Learn, laugh, discover, play and fall in love with music.”

If you want to nurture your child’s extraordinary potential to learn. Strike while their ‘learning’ window is at its widest. As a parent you know just how precious childhood is.

It’s a time of wonderment, exploration and learning and it happens at a phenomenal rate. It’s a fact. Music WILL have a profoundly positive influence on the personality and emotional intelligence of your child. So why wouldn’t you want to give your child the amazing gift of music?

The Tiny Musicians Program is designed to give your child the best musical start at a pace that allows them to explore their potential in a relaxed and supportive space. Create lasting memories together and pass on the gift of a lifetime - the love of music.

The Tiny Musicians course provides children with an exciting introduction to the world of music. These classes allow children to express themselves through music in a secure early learning environment.

The program aims to develop the fundamentals of music, such as rhythm, pitch and aural skills as well as teaching the basic theory knowledge. “Give your child the gift of music”

Each class combines the following:

  • Mindfulness Action & movement for gross and fine motor skills
  • Percussion to develop rhythmic skills
  • Dancing to develop social skills and friendships
  • Music appreciation by listening
  • Singing to encourage pitch

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