Student Login

Every Sound Centre School Of Music student has their own unique login portal that shows:

  • all upcoming lesson information
  • Available lesson spots and cancellations
  • An events calendar
  • Lesson information with live updates
  • A teacher resources portal with links and tips to follow up on
  • A practice tracker to keep track of your practice sessions at home so you can show your teacher
  • A lending library for resources you can use from the school
  • And much more!

Parents & Guardians

Parents & Guardians have their own dedicated account access as well (Or a parent login alone if you prefer; our staff will arrange everything when your child signs up) 
This shows:

  • All upcoming lesson information
  • Available lesson spots and cancellations 
  • An events calendar
  • Notes from the teacher direct to you the parent 
  • All the above student Login information
  • Payment area for online payment and bill enquiries
  • Parents do you use Google Calendar, iCal, Outlook or any of the other major calendars? Let us know as we can easily sync your child's lesson times with your computer or mobile device.

Use the login area on this page to access your School Of Music account. Contact us for more details if you haven't as yet set up your account.