Bass Lessons

Our bass teachers are extremely skilled in electric bass guitar, and can teach a range of genres including rock, blues, funk and jazz and techniques such walking bass and slap bass.
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Instrument FAQ

Fact Sheet: Bass Lessons

Lesson Length: 30 Minutes

Class Type: Private, one on one lessons

Styles: Rock, Blues, Funk, Jazz, Walking Bass, Slap Bass

Pricing: Lessons are $38 per half hour session

Bass Teachers

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Jordan Abel


Jordan Abel has been playing the guitar and bass since he was 9, and has been playing the drums since he was 12. Jordan is heavily influenced by the Contemporary genre, and can teach an array of genres, including Blues, Reggae, RnB, Soul, Rock, Fusion and many more, along-side a detailed look into music theory. Jordan has had many years of experience in the live music scene, playing guitar and drums for many bands on stage, and in the studio. Jordan is currently studying at WAAPA, doing his 3rd year of the Bachelor in Contemporary Music Performance Course. Jordan takes a lot of time to tailor his lessons for each specific student, and makes sure that learning their instrument is one of their favourite things to do.

Joel Peiris


Joel can teach guitar and bass

Ridge Berg Moss


Ridge can teach banjo and guitar as well

Jordy Morcom


Jordy can teach guitar and ukulele as well

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