Terms And Conditions

Terms And Conditions

By joining the Sound Centre School Of Music you are agreeing to the terms and conditions listed below.

1. PAYMENT – Payment for the entire term is due at the commencement of that term. If fees are not paid on the due date, a $35.00 administration fee is applicable. If you are a late evening student, please phone, email us or visit us during our business hours to pay your fees, or simply pay the invoice online via EFT. Credits, refunds and payment plans can only be authorised by the School Administrators.

2. ABSENTEES & CANCELLATIONS – Cancellations outside 48 hours: Cancellation of a lesson means a forfeiture of that lesson unless a cancellation has been made outside of 48 hours of the beginning of that lesson commencing. In the event of a cancellation outside of 48 hours a make-up credit will be issued for a make up lesson. Please note that make-up lessons are subject to availability and are not guaranteed. Please note that you may only ever hold a maximum of 2 make-up credits during a term and that all held make up credits expire at the end of every term. Please speak to a School co-ordinator if you have any questions regarding this policy. 

Cancellations can be made by calling the School co-ordinator of your school,  via email or through the online student portal.

Cancellations inside 48 hours from lesson commencing: Any cancellation inside of  48 hours  of a lesson commencing will mean a forfeiture of that lesson and no make-up credit will be issued. Please note that the reason for cancellation is irrespective for a cancellation to occur, be it illness, lateness,  or any other event outside your control.  Any cancellation made inside 48 hours from the beginning of a lesson will not be given a make up credit under any circumstances.

Teacher Cancellation: If a teacher has to cancel your lesson you will receive notice from us immediately as soon as we are advised by the teacher. We will speak with you directly to arrange a make-up lesson,  relief teacher lesson or refund. Make-up credits for lessons resulting from a teacher cancellation never expire and you will always receive a make up credit if the teacher cancels.

3. RELIEF – We reserve the right to provide a relief teacher if your usual teacher is unavailable. Please be aware that teachers move on and a permanent teacher change is also a possibility. We will let you know immediately if there are any changes.

4. ENROLMENT – In an effort to promote consistency and musical progress we will automatically assume that you are continuing with your lessons indefinitely. We will send you an invoice for the next term approximately four weeks prior to the beginning of term. The receipt of this invoice offers you first choice to retain your current teacher and time. To take up this offer all you need to do is pay your invoice by the due date (14 days from receipt of invoice). If you do not intend to continue your lessons, please advise us as soon as possible so we can free up this time for many students on our waiting list. Please discuss any potential difficulties with the administration staff. Students who do not pay their invoice within the given timeframe for next term are presumed to be discontinuing lessons and will be replaced by students on our waiting list.

5. CORRESPONDENCE – Our main form of communication is via My Music Staff. We release newsletters, enrolment forms and various other important info sheets that may require your attention. We ask you to confirm your email and phone numbers are up to date on the portal to ensure you receive any updates.

6. REPORTS AND CERTIFICATES – Progress reports are given out annually at the end of the year in paper form and will soon be available online week by week. This is a great way for students and parents to gauge progress and see where they can improve. Parents also have the opportunity to spend 5 minutes discussing their child’s progress with the teacher during the last lesson in each Term. Our teachers also nominate their best students for 3 important awards at the end of each year.

7. DISCOUNTS – Students who are learning two or more instruments, students taking hour lessons or families with two or more children attending lessons, are entitled to a 5% discount on the second, third, etc student fees. What this means is the first student would pay normal fees and then subsequent student would be entitled to the 5% discount.

8. REFUNDS – NO refunds are given on school payments, however alternate lesson options can be considered. Credits, refunds and payment plans can only be authorised by the School Administrators.

9. MARKETING POLICY - Students and parents photos/details may be used for social media and marketing purposes. We will ask your permission first before any photographs or videos are taken in any circumstance.

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