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Sam Musca

Sam Musca has been playing guitar for 52 years. He tutors in all styles of music except Flamenco (He recommends to head to Spain for that!) ie Jazz, Rock, Blues, Country, Folk and Classical. He also teaches Music Notation, Music theory and composition. Sam commenced teaching Guitar in 1979 and has played in many well known Perth bands, and continues to do so. He also conducts guitar ensembles at primary and tertiary schools across Perth.

Jose Giraldo

Jose Giraldo has over 40 years’ experience as a classical and flamenco guitarist. He has studied and performed extensively with world renowned guitarists, both in Australia and overseas (particularly Spain and South America). He has been passing on his extensive musical knowledge through teaching for almost 20 years.


Dan da Paz

Danilo is a Brazilian Guitarrist and accordionist that has been part of the music scene in Australia since 2014, having studied music with Cathie Travers. He has performed in many festivals, being also the main accompanist for Brazilian overseas artists touring in Australia. He’s been part of the indigenous aboriginal band Broken Tides and performed in Perth’s biggest events, both as part of a group and also as a solo act. Recently, Danilo joined the Perth Tango Orchestra and had performed with artists such Ben Vanderwal, Tom O’Halloran, Lucky Oceans, Cathie Travers, Cris Tarr among others. His passion for Brazilian music, especially Choro, has driven him to start, alongside his friend Annalisa Powell, the Perth Choro group, which has been taking its space into the jazz scene in Perth.

Jordan Abel


Jordan Abel has been playing the guitar since he was 9, and has been playing the drums since he was 12. Jordan is heavily influenced by the Contemporary genre, and can teach an array of genres, including Blues, Reggae, RnB, Soul, Rock, Fusion and many more, along-side a detailed look into music theory. Jordan has had many years of experience in the live music scene, playing guitar and drums for many bands on stage, and in the studio. Jordan is currently studying at WAAPA, doing his 3rd year of the Bachelor in Contemporary Music Performance Course. Jordan takes a lot of time to tailor his lessons for each specific student, and makes sure that learning their instrument is one of their favourite things to do.

Guitar Lessons

Our guitar teachers are extremely skilled and versatile and can teach electric guitar, acoustic steel string guitar and nylon string classical guitar in a wide variety of styles including classical, flamenco, rock, country, folk, contemporary, jazz and blues. Our teachers are all able to teach music notation, tab and theory.

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Instrument FAQ

Fact Sheet: Guitar Lessons

Lesson Length: 30 Minutes

Class Type: Private, one on one lessons

Styles: classical, flamenco, rock, country, folk, contemporary, jazz, blues

Pricing: Lessons are $35 per half hour session

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